Bronzing & Blue Jeans: Hip Girls Wear Blue Jeans LE from Essence

Happy Monday Beauties! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and are ready to dive back into some new products this week! Before I start this post, I want to point out that you won’t be seeing as many opinions of mine for Essence products. If you’re wondering why check out my Live.Laugh.Celebrate! Collection review post or video. Aside from that, this week I’ve got another huge batch of new releases to tell you guys about, so let’s get started with the first one!

Hip Girls Wear Blue Jeans: The new LE from Essence will be available from June to July. The colors are products are based on blue jeans and bronzing. (This is what the press information is telling me, I can’t make sense of it either!) As far as I know, this collection will be available at DM and Müller, but don’t get your hopes up for every store to have the entire thing. We all know how things roll with Essence!

Illuminating Eyeshadow Palette

First up we’ve got a 4-pan eyeshadow palette with some pretty neutral, every-day shades. This palette also comes with a dual-ended brush, which we don’t see from Essence very often. The shades are embossed to say “WOW!” and judging by the name, they all have a shimmery finish. The palettes name is 01 born to be worn! And it will run you 3,99€.

Metallic Foil Lip Powder

Similar (I’m guessing) to the lip powders that come in the Make Your Own palettes, this is a metallic version that can be worn all over the lips or as a lip highlighter. I have no information on formula, but if it really works, I think it would be a cool addition to a makeup collection. However, if we’re being smart consumers, do we really need to buy something like this? How often are we going to wear a bright, metallic gold lip? And even if we do, won’t a gold eyeshadow do the same thing? Darn, I said I wasn’t going to give my opinion. Oh well, sorry about that! Anyway, the powder is called 01 I’m gold and I know it! And it will cost you 1,99€.

Illuminating Lipstick

Despite this collection being all about bronzing, we have another illuminating product here. 3 shades of “illuminating lipstick” which I’m guessing means some form of glitter. I do have to give props where props are due, Essence seems to be finally moving away from the same 3 pinky-purple lipstick shades that are always released with these collections. Granted, a navy blue isn’t my first choice for lip colors, but it’s a start. The shades are called 01 hip lips go blue! 02 hip lips go coral! And 03 hip lips go rosy! Each lipstick will run you 2,49€.

Nail Stickers

Can someone please explain the sudden obsession with unicorns? I genuinely don’t understand why every makeup brand is coming out with unicorn themed products. Even nail stickers aren’t safe! Anyway, as mentioned above, these are nail stickers with jean-themed motifs. Not really my thing, plus I don’t understand how nail stickers work, but cute nonetheless. I believe you get 25 stickers in a pack and they’ll run you 1,29€.

Nail Polish

We’ve got 4 new shades of nail polish, these are supposed to be super opaque and long-lasting. I’m sure they might be for some people, but for me, long-lasting is like…3 hours. So, I stopped buying polish (again.) The shades are 01 starts the blue rebellion (navy blue sparkles), 02 cute but cool (pastel pink), 03 show me what you got! (hot pink) and 04 don’t be shy! (pastel blue).  The colors and packaging are cute, but I’ll pass. Each polish will cost you 1,99€ if you’re interested.

Illuminating Face Cream Gel

This one. I think, is a cream highlighter. From the description, it sounds like a moisturizer with glitter in it, but knowing what I know about this brand, it’s probably a liquid highlighter. It only comes in one shade, which is pretty normal for Essence but not great for the customers. This pink toned product won’t compliment everyone’s skin tone, unless it comes out to be clear with glitter, which would be pretty disappointing. If you want to check it out, it’ll cost you 3,49€. Also, the name of this product is 01 I don’t care cause I’m flawless. (Fall Out Boy song title anyone? No? Am I old? Okay.)

Bronzing Brick Powder & Blush Brick Powder

Ah, finally! A bronzing product in this collection based on bronzing! What a miracle. So this is basically the drugstore version of the Bobby Brown shimmer bricks, but not as nice and the colors don’t make sense. Why the pastel pink? Why the dark pink? Who wears pink bronzer) WHO IS THIS PRODUCT FOR? I’m staying far, far away from this thing. No thanks! If you do like to wear pink bronzers, this one will cost you 3,29€.  The blush is alright, I just feel like it has too many colors and not all of them are complimentary to each other. It might make a decent color after you swirl it, but I’m partial to peach blushes which seem to be the only shade left out here. The blush costs the same as the bronzer if you’re interested.

Bronze & Blush Sunkissed Palette

Okay, can we talk about the pastel pink shade in this palette for a second? It literally looks like sidewalk chalk. I can only imagine the powdery-ness of this blush. The bronzer is super dark and far too warm for me, and the dark reddish blush will look gorgeous on darker skin tones, but for me, it would make me look like a clown. No thanks! The palette will run you 3,99€ and it’s called 01 sunkissed, what else?

Highlighter Stick

Since we all know how I feel about cream highlighters and this post is already really long-winded, I’m going to stay quiet on this one. There are 2 shades, a pink (cheeky cheeks) and a pearl white (lovely cheeks), both with a creamy texture and light-reflecting pigments. Each stick will cost you 3,29€.

Face Perfector Brush

Last (and probably least) we’ve got a tapered face brush. These are an essential brush to have, but not from Essence. If you want some good brushes from the drugstore, I personally suggest Real Techniques. If you want something a little more high-end, I’d go Zoeva. Anyway, this is a synthetic hair brush that you can use for basically anything, from setting powder to bronzer. It will cost you 2,99€.

That’s all I have for you today my beauties, but make sure to come back on Wednesday for the next collection announcement! Thanks for reading, XO’S

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