Yet again more candy scented crap…another new LE from Essence

Were 3 different candy-scented collections not enough for you? Are you in desperate need of more sickeningly sweet BS? Essence to the rescue! I already have a headache from all of this. Unicorns, glitter, and candy can feel free to leave the beauty world ASAP. I get it, it’s cute, it’s girly, blah blah blah. WE DON’T NEED IT! We really, really don’t. But, I know a lot of you love Essence, so I don’t want to hold back on reporting their new stuff. Let’s jump into this before I throw up. Here we go.

The I Want Candy LE from Essence in collaboration with Chupa Chups will be available from the middle of June to the middle of July. As far as I know it will be available in all DM and Müller markets, and probably available online at kosmetiks4less.

Scented Hair Brush

Do you love Cola? So much that you want your HAIR to smell like it forever? This brush is for you! I won’t lie, the packaging and the brush itself is really cute. But how on Earth would I justify buying It to make my hair smells like Coke? Like, really. I’m 21 years old, I don’t need crap like this. It’ll cost you 2,99€ for sticky hair!

Scented Eyeshadow Palette

I love Too Faced and their chocolate-scented products, but sometimes scented makeup can be a little much. The difference there is that Too Faced actually formulated with cocoa powder, which is what gives them their chocolate scent. These are formulated with artificial strawberry, so basically it will smell like cheap makeup and artificial nastiness. Yummy. The shades are nice and rosy-toned, but they just aren’t great enough for me to waste my money on them. No thanks! If you do want this palette, it will cost you 1,99€.

Lolly Dots Eyeliner

Okay, so, what even is this? A bumpy eyeliner pen?! It literally looks like it has pimples or something. What kind of style can you even create with this? I…I just don’t understand. I guess at least it’s not scented? I’m at a loss here. If you like bumpy eyeliner, this one will cost you 1,99€. (But seriously if you use this please send me photos of the look. I’m genuinely curious).

Scented Nail Scrub

Back to the realm of things that are scented and don’t need to be, we have a nail scrub. What do you use that for? I’ve never scrubbed my nails before. It is again scented with strawberry, so if you really like an artificial strawberry scent, this collection is a must for you. You get a little tiny pot for 1,99€.

Scented Top Coat

I think I’ve made enough comments about how stupid these products are now, so I’m gonna just tell you what they are and you can decide for yourselves if you like them or not. This is a pearl-finish top coat that is scented with Peach. It will run you 1,49€. The shade name is 01 I want Peach!

Scented Nail Polish

Here we have 3 shades of nail polish, each scented with different Chupa-Chups scents. 01 I want strawberry is a light pink, 02 I want cola is a dark baby blue, and 03 I want watermelon is a pastel blue. The scents are all in the names. These will cost you 1,49€.

Scented Nail Stickers

It is so hard to keep my comments to myself about this one, but I’m staying strong. So these are cola-scented nail stickers with fruit motifs. I believe you get 25 stickers in a pack for 1,29€.

Scented Blush Shimmer Pearls

In 3 different shades, these blush pearls will give you a rosy, shimmery glow. They are also scented, but I don’t know which scent they have but I’m guessing strawberry. They will run you 3,49€.

Blush Brush

An unscented brush meant to apply the blush pearls with. Obviously, you can use it with any blush product that you wish, but it is meant to accompany the blush pearls. It is a synthetic hair brush with pink tips so it won’t look dirty after you use it. The brush will run you 2,79€.

Scented Body Splash

A peach scented body spray, it has a light texture and will refresh your body in the hot summer months. It will run you 2,99€.

This collection is a big joke if you ask me, and I cannot wait to see the end of candy-scented makeup. (Please let it be soon before I lose my frickin’ mind!). Thanks for reading, I’ll see you all on Friday!

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