M.A.C Sale + Sephora Update

The weekend is finally here, and to celebrate, we’ve got a huge sale at M.A.C! But before I get into those details, I thought I would give a little update on the Sephora Germany launch. As I stated previously, the original date was the 15th of May, at least that was what was stated on the job posting from Sephora. However, around that date, I found a post on Instagram stating that the official opening date had been pushed back to August of this year. Understandably, I was pretty heartbroken, considering I was planning on going to Sephora for my 21rst birthday. I was still optimistic, considering I hadn’t heard anything from any kind of official account relating to Sephora. Then, the other day, as I was scrolling through Instagram, this post popped up:

So according to what I believe to be the official Sephora Germany Instagram, the official opening date will be the 29th of June of this year! I find this news semi bitter-sweet, because its amazing that we’re finally getting Sephora here, but also it is a little sad that I’ll have to wait until around Christmas to go. But for everyone else, hooray! Okay, now let’s talk about the M.A.C sale.

This is another 30% off “goodbye sale”, meaning all of the products that are going on sale will be gone forever once they sell out. The sale is valid on maccosmetics.de from now until the 5th of June. Here is a list of the items that are reduced:

Velvetease Lip Pencil from 22,00€ to 15,40€

All 11 Shades!

Nutcracker Sweet Lipstick from 23,50€ to 16,45€

Shades: Leap of Delight, Kingdom of Sweets, So Good For You, Flamboyish

Nutcracker Sweet Pink Lipstick Kit from 38€ to 26,60€

Nutcracker Sweet Nude Patenpolish Kit from 38€ to 26,60€

Magic Dust Eyeshadow/ Nutcracker Sweet from 25€ to 17,50€

Shades: Forward March, Dark Lullaby, Pretty Dainty, Dance Flowers Dance, Midnight Royal, Moustache

Lipstick/ Good Luck Trolls from 22,50€ to 15,75€

Shades: Dance Off Pants Off, Can’t be Tamed

Retro Matte Liquid Lipcolour/ Helmut Newton from 25€ to 17,50€

Shades: Chateau M, High Heels

Nutcracker Sweet Red Retro Matte Kit from 49,50€ to 34,65€.

Nutcracker Sweet Pink Mineralize Kit from 60€ to 42€

Those Nutcracker Sweet kits look really nice, I’m thinking about picking up one or two!

Sorry this post was rather short, I hope you enjoyed it anyway! See you Monday, XO’s

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