Nail Paint and Travel: 2 New Collections from Catrice

Hello again beauty lovers, today I’ve got 2 new collections from Catrice Cosmetics to share with you. What a great start to the week, huh? Before we begin with the news though, I want to announce that this week, from the 29th to the 5th I will be semi-MIA from all social media. I have 3 videos ready and 3 blog posts for you guys, but you probably won’t see much from me on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter for the next week. Daniel has another vacation and we will also be celebrating my 21rst birthday! For that reason, and considering how busy we are making ourselves this week, I will be staying off of social media to spend time with Daniel and friends and family. I do however plan on vlogging a bit, so maybe I’ll post a few things on snapchat. Feel free to follow me there: mandymbeauty. Okay, let’s talk about makeup!

Nail Paint to Go

The first new collection is Nail Paint to Go, and it will be available from the middle of June until July of 2017.

A similar item was released with the Cosmopolitan Chic collection a few months back, but by popular demand, these nail pens were brought back in new shades. I purchased the red pen from the CC collection, and I have, to be honest here, I didn’t really like it. I don’t think it’s something you can just paint your nails with. For me, It seems like more of a touch-up product, which means you have to have the exact color in actual nail polish as you do in the pen. Also, I really wouldn’t want to carry these things around with me, for fear of them breaking and exploding all over my purse. What a nightmare! If you did like them from the original collection, or never got to try them, there are 6 new shades being released.

In the press information I received, the claim is that these last up to 1-2 days, so you can always change the style of your nails. Excuse me? 1 to 2 days of wear isn’t even worth the price of the damn pen, let alone my time to paint my nails with this thing. No thank you!

The shades are Travel in Turquoise, Blue Boat Trip, Rosewood en Route, Rapid Red Date, Pink Pulse and Tom Ate Red Rush. To use, press the felt tip down on your nail until polish starts to flow, then drag from cuticle to tip to cover the nail. These pens will cost you 3,99€ each.

Travellight Story

The second collection from Catrice will be available in July of this year, which is quite a long way away, but I’m supposed to post about it now. Whatever you say, Catrice! This is a typical Catrice collection with a few nice items, instead of some other brands we know releasing 20 products per collection with poor quality. So, let’s check these out!

Eye Shadow Palette

Inside this palette, you get 12 shades with different finishes from matte to shimmer. They are all very neutral shades, and from what I can see, you can probably get a few simple looks out of it. For the price, (6,99€) it doesn’t look like a bad palette, considering it contains a mirror and an applicator. The colors are a bit boring, but if you’re looking for a neutral palette on a budget, this might work out for you. The price breakdown looks like this: 12 shades for 6,99€, no information on how many grams per shadow we get, but It breaks down to about 58 cents per shadow. Hopefully, the formula is great!

Liquid Liner

We’ve got 2 shades of liquid eyeliner also being released, in the shades Skyline (gray) and Deep Dark Waters (Navy). The silver/gray/pastel blue shade is metallic, and the navy shade is matte. I have to say, I really dislike Catrice liquid liners. I own the one from the Retro 60’s collection and it has no pigment whatsoever, and it also stings my eyes and peels and flakes, so this is another pass for me. If you are interested, each liner will cost you 2,99€.

Cool & Matt Lip Color

Back again are the “cooling effect” lipsticks, just like last summer where every brand in the frickin’ world released these. There are 2 shades, Refined Red and Chilly Orange. Neither of which I find very flattering, but to each their own. They both have a matte finish and a creamy texture. Each lipstick will cost you 4,99€. (Catrice has gotten seriously expensive!)

Nail Lacquer

I hate being such a sucker for cute packaging but just LOOK at these polishes. The colors aren’t even that great, but the bottles are so damn cute I already know I’m going to buy them. There are 4 shades, Chilly Orange, Skyline, Deep Dark Waters and Salty Shimmer Sunset. These are giving me a summer evening in Nantucket vibe! Very posh and refined. I want them! Each polish will run you 2,49€.

Radiant Glow Mist

Another summer makeup collection favorite, radiant glow mist. As far as I can tell, it’s a spray with shimmering particles in it to refresh your skin on a hot day while providing you with some glow. It’s also in a really cute bottle. Here we go again, I’m getting sucked in by the cuteness! Help! The spray will cost you 3,99€.

Cool & Matt Primer Stick

At first, I thought this was a lip primer, but turns out it’s a face primer! Meant to go under your foundation, it will give you a cooling effect and smooth out your skin for an easier foundation application. You can also use it throughout the day to freshen up your face and neck, but I would probably stick with the spray for that. It will run you 3,99€.

Blush & Bronze

A very similar product to the blush brick just released by essence, this is a bronzer and blush duo compact with a peachy-pink blush and a cool toned bronzer. Both shades inside the compact are shimmery, so be warned before you cover your face in it. The compact will cost you 4,99€.

In all seriousness, those polishes are to die for, and I want to check out the formula on the palette. I don’t think I own a 12 pan palette from any drugstore brand, so maybe this will be my first one. July, hurry up and get here!

Anyway, thanks so much for reading and I’ll see you guys on Wednesday! XOXO

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