In Love with Color: New LE from trend IT UP

It’s time for another new collection post! That seems like all I’ve been posting lately. I hope you guys aren’t getting bored! This collection comes to us from trend IT UP, the DM exclusive makeup brand. They’re been rolling out quite a bit in the last few months, mostly on-time and mostly pretty decent products. This collection focuses a lot on nails, which is pretty typical for this brand. Let’s  talk about products!

This collection is based on fun summer colors, perfect for hot nights! Pairing bright colors and glossy finishes with soft nudes and black and white will give you a super-stylish look this summer. This collection will be available from the 8th of June to the 5th of July in your local DM market, and also online at

Nail Polish

We’ve got 4 neon shades of super-opaque nail polish with a glossy finish. The colors don’t exactly go together as a complete unit, but you can definitely get some unique looks out of each individual shade. We’ve got 010 purple, 020 teal, 030 red and 040 lime green. The polishes are vegan, and you get 11 mL for 2,45€.

Matte Nail Polish

In case bright, glossy colors aren’t your thing this summer, check out these totally matte black and white polishes! They are also super-opaque to give you an even, totally matte finish. Talk about classy! These are also vegan and will cost you 2,45€ for 11 mL.

Crystal Nail Polish

In case you haven’t found your nail polish style from this collection yet, we’ve got some crystal-style nail polishes for that extra glam look. Also available in classy black and white, these polishes contain a ton of gorgeous crystal glitter. Perfect for a hot summers evening! Vegan, 11 mL for 2,45€.

Duo Kajal

On to actual makeup now, here we have dual-sided kajal pencils in fun, bright colors, also paired with nudes and the classic black and white. Pick one and get 2 looks! We’ve got 3 shades available, 010 pink and glittery purple, 020 glittery gray and dark blue, and 030 glittery black and matte white. These will cost you 4,25€ for 5,1 grams, and these are not vegan.

Lip Polish

Lip gloss in gorgeous pinky berry tones, perfect to match to your black and white nails! These have a glossy finish, so watch out for those looking for a matte liquid lippie. There are 4 shades, 010 lilac, 020 purple, 030 red and 040 pink. These are vegan, and you get 6 mL for 3,95€.

Lip Sorbet

The perfect match to the lip polishes, these lip sorbet pencils give you a ton of color with an amazing cooling effect! They are super-opaque, but they are not long-wearing, so remember to pack them in your bag before leaving for the beach! There are 4 shades, 010 purple, 020 dark mauve, 030 pink mauve and 040 rosewood. You get 3,5 grams for 3,65€. These are also a vegan product!

Nude Kajal

Perfect for your waterline, this matte nude pencil will make your eyes appear larger and more awake. The color reflects light to give off the effect of having large eyes, just like an optical illusion. This pencil is also optometrist tested and approved. You get 1 gram for 2,95, this product is not vegan.

Anti-Shine Fluid

From what I can tell from the small amount of info I have, I believe this is an anti-oil primer, meant to keep you shine free in the heat. It is a mattifying fluid, that much I can confirm, but I’m not sure if it’s a primer or something you use throughout the say. Anyway, you get 20 mL for 4,95, and the product is vegan.

That’s all I have for you today, I hope you enjoyed reading and I’ll see you on Friday! (My birthday!) XOXO

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