Naturally Beautiful: New LE from Alverde

Happy Friday beauties, and happy 21rst birthday to me! I can’t believe how old I’m getting. Just kidding 😉 We’ve had a lovely week of vacation, and I’m very excited to be back to filming for you all tomorrow! If you want to check out what I got for my birthday, check my YouTube channel next week for a vlog and a birthday haul! Anyway, let’s talk about these brand new products from Alverde!

Normally when we talk about Alverde, we’re discussing natural makeup products with the occasional mask or lip scrub thrown in. This collection is all about treating your skin and body to some fruity scents and awesome benefits. It will be available for a short time after the 8th of June in all DM markets and also online at All of the products except the lip balm from this collection are vegan.

Smoothie Body Washes

These are exfoliating body washes, formulated with mild surfactants and fair trade cane sugar to gently exfoliate without drying out the skin. These products are also formulated with vegetable glycerin which will nourish and soften skin, and also have different exotic fragrances to please your senses. Pink Smoothie contains natural grapefruit and organically cultivated dragon fruit and Green Smoothie contains pear extract. Yum yum! You get 250 mL for 1,45€.

White Smoothie Body Lotion

This body lotion is formulated with precious shea butter and sunflower and soy oil from controlled organic cultivation, vegetable glycerin to help nourish the skin, and a creamy-sweet fragrance thanks to coconut extract and almond oil. You get 250 mL for 1,95€.

Violet Smoothie Hand Cream

This fruity recipe with fig and elderberry extract, of course from controlled organic cultivation, pampers dry hands with intense moisture to ensure the intense soothing of dry, cracked skin. It is also great for your nails, being absorbed quickly without the addition of oils or fats to your nails. You get 75 mL for 1,95€.

Gift Set

Perfect to throw in your bag for vacation or give as a thoughtful gift to someone you love, these gift set contains travel sizes of some of the new Alverde body products. Included in this set is a passionfruit and orange body washes, formulated with organic cane sugar and mild surfactants for mild exfoliation, contains vegetable glycerin to soften and moisturize the skin. It also contains passion fruit extract and orange extract for a fruity scent. Also in the gift set is a body lotion, papaya and sanddorn and a mango mandarin hand cream, both formulated the same way as the full sized products. The set is vegan and will cost you 5,95€.

Yellow Smoothie Body Spray

Perfect for hot summer days, this body spray will refresh your skin with a spicy, sparkling fragrance. Formulated with lemon oil and ginger extract, this spray will energize your senses whenever it’s sprayed! Here’s a little tip: for extra refreshment, store the spray in the fridge! You get 150 mL for 2,95€.

Beauty&Fruity Micellar Water

Micellar waters are all the rage right now, they are the perfect mild makeup remover that doesn’t leave oil on the skin and has a ton of benefits for your skin. This one is formulated with lime and apple extract for a fresh and fruity scent while cleansing your skin and removing all traces of dirt and makeup. You get 200 mL for 2,75€.

Beauty&Fruity Clear Skin Mask

A perfect precursor to the micellar water, this mask is made with lime and apple water with an active zinc compound to help clear up even the most stubborn skin. The fruit extracts combined with cocoa butter, shea butter, sunflower oil and olive oil help to soften the skin while clearing away imperfections and leaving you with a supple, soft and clear face. You get 2 masks in each packet for 0,95€.

Mint-Berry Lip Balm

The only product in this collection that is not vegan, this lip balm is formulated to have a cooling effect on the lips while nourishing them with plant oils and gracing your lips with a fresh, fruity scent. Perfect for hot summer nights! You get 4,8 grams for 1,15€ and remember, this product is not vegan.

Thanks for reading, I can’t wait to share my birthday haul with you guys next week! Stay tuned, XOXO


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