RdeL Young: Neon Explosion

It’s Friday again Beauties! Today I want to tell you about a new collection by RdeL Young! Good news first, it’s not another Unicorn collection! It still stays within the limits of crazy, vibrant colors that we know and love RdeL Young for! This time the collection is all about nail polish! Green, blue, pink, yellow and many more! And additionally, they have a little surprise for us! More info about that down below!

Here we go, 8 new colors of Neon nail polish! I doubt that anyone would use this polish in a daily look or to wear it into office, but during a fun night out these polishes are the product you want! And additionally to these polishes, RdeL Young released one more accessory which is more of a fun gadget than actually useful?! Anyway, here it is:

It’s a nail polish holder! For all of you who tend to spill their nail polish if it’s standing next to you! Okay, jokes aside, WHO would need this? It seems like an unnecessity… And that’s all the RdeL Young has to offer us today. A bunch of Neon colored Nail polish and one ridiculous gadget.

That’s all I have for you today! Sorry for the short post! See you next time!

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