Come to Cuba! Cubanita LE from Essence

Happy Monday beauty lovers! Before we begin talking about makeup, I wanted to ask everyone a question. Recently, Daniel and I began to change our diet and eating habits so we can get healthy. I have been going back and forth on whether or not to post some healthy recipes here on the blog? What do you guys think? Please feel free to let me know if something like that would be of interest to you, or you’d prefer that I stick to the makeup. Thanks!

Alright, let’s talk about this new collection! As stated previously, I will give you the product/collection information from Essence, but opinions will be few and far between and there will be no reviews, as I do not purchase products from this brand. Just because I don’t doesn’t mean you can’t, keep that in mind!

So this collection is based on….Cuba I think. It is another slight tone deaf name, but I guess we’ve come to expect that from these companies, thinking that it’s okay to use names like these because “the makeup is cute” no thanks. Let’s take a look at the products.

Gel Eyeliner Pen

Metallic turquoise and pink gel liner. Also, water resistant, perfect to wear during the summer. Each liner will cost you 1,99€.

Duo Eyebrow Styler

A cute little brow brush with one side to fill in the brow and the other to blend them, with a cute palm leaf motif 0n the handle. It is recommended for all eyebrow products but was specifically paired with the cushion eyebrow ink. The brush is priced at 2,49€.

Cushion Eyebrow Ink

01 Carribean brows

I really don’t know how to describe this product to you all. It’s…eyebrow ink? Very similar to the Cushion Eyeliner but for your brows. I have never seen a product like this, and I really don’t know how to feel about it. It is recommended one coat for lighter hair and skin tones, and two coats for brunettes. If anyone tries this please let me know how it works! You can pick this up for 2,79€.

Wet Look Lip Lacquer

High-shine liquid lipsticks in 2 new shades, supposedly highly pigmented. These do not dry matte, so keep that in mind. Pick em’ up for 2,49€ if you’re interested.

Balmy Tint

01 Bienvenida a palm beach

Color changing lip balm based on your “mood” (actually based on your pH level!). It is always pink, it will just change from light to dark pink. 2,29€.

Nail Polish

The Essence Beauty Friends Community chose these 4 shades for this collection.’They are all high-shine, opaque essence polishes, that will run you 1,99€ per bottle. Keep in mind, these may be shade repeats, so check your collection before you buy anything!

Baking & Banana Powder

01 Livin’ la Vida banana

A two-in-one highlighter and baking powder. If they call it a banana powder, I already know I can’s use it. But for those with skin tones who are more forgiving, this may be a decent option for a drugstore banana powder. Test it out for 3,79€.

Makeup Bag

01 la banana cubana

Not really a lot to say about this, the picture tells you pretty much everything. Keep in mind that these bags are almost always really tiny! 2,99€.

Jumbo Highlighter

01 mi Corazon

Finely milled metallic shimmer powder f0r a perfect summer glow. It is also scented with coconut. This one will cost you 3,79€.

This collection will be available from July to August of this year in your local DM and online at!

Thanks for reading, see you Wednesday! XO

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