Time for a Tropical Getaway: Birds of Paradise LE from Balea

I hope you all had a great weekend and are rested and ready to start a new week! I know I am. Daniel had another 13 hour day on Saturday, but luckily we got to spend all of Sunday relaxing together. Speaking of relaxing, doesn’t a vacation to a tropical island sound amazing right about now? Since those can be so expensive, Balea has our back with a new collection of super fruity tropical scents. Let’s check em’ out!

Trendy Toucan Shampoo

Much like all Balea shampoos, this one is silicone free and super gentle on your scalp. An exotic mix of papaya and kiwi instantly takes you on the tropical trip of your dreams. This shampoo is also formulated with vitamins B3 and B5 to nourish your hair and scalp. It is also vegan! You get 300 mL for 0,50€.

Royal Crown Crane Shower Gel

Formulated with AquaCellSoft, this moisturizing shower gel helps to balance your skin and protects against dryness. This one is scented with mango and passion flower. This formula is also vegan and will cost you 0,55€ for 300 mL.

Dashing Flamingo Body Lotion

I would love to tell you what this one smells like, but I have no idea what pitaya and tamarillo smell like. If anyone does know, please leave a comment below so we can share the knowledge! I do know that this lotion is quickly absorbed and leaves you with a ton of moisture. I’m sure it smells really good too! Also a vegan product, you get 200 mL for 1,25€.

Funky Hummingbird Hand Lotion

For some reason, a lot of these product descriptions aren’t giving me any information on formula. I don’t want to just sit here and tell you it smells good and it’s lotion, but that’s all ) can really do! I apologize! So this hand lotion smells like coconut and lychee and has ingredients to make it super moisturizing. It is also vegan, you get 150 mL for 1,95€.

Cream Soap

Okay, so the translation I have for this doesn’t make any sense, so I’ll refer to it by the German name, which is giggler cockatoo. So anyway this is a mild hand soap that gently removes bacteria and other nasties from your hands. It is scented with passion fruit and elderberry. It is vegan, and you get 500 mL for 0,55€.

Clever Birds of Paradise deodorant

Unfortunately, because they all contain alcohol, I actually can’t use any of the deodorants from Balea unless I want some very uncomfortable stinging and a nasty rash. These don’t contain aluminum, so if you’re sensitive to that but not alcohol, these might be a good option for you. It has 24-hour protection and is scented with lime and guarana. You get 150 mL for 0,95€ and it’s also vegan.

Peppy Parrot Razor Gel

Perfect for sensitive skin, this shaving gel is scented with nectarine and cactus figs. It is also vegan, and you get 150 mL for 1,15€.

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