Soleil D’ete: New LE by Catrice

We’ve got another new collection to talk about today beauty lovers, but I have to say, I’m hesitant to really say “new”. I feel like we’ve seen this same thing from Catrice at least once if not twice. I specifically remember because I have the collection that looks like exact same in my studio. The same bronzing drops, the same lipsticks. This is a major reason why I stopped buying makeup from these brands. I have 100 Catrice lipsticks, and they really are very similar colors. Anyway, for those of you who are interested, let’s take a look at what’s on offer this time.

This collection will be available from the middle of July to the middle of September in your local DM market.

Metal Infused Eye Palette

This palette is a mix between matte and metallic shades in pinky neutral tones. They are soft shadows for easy blending. In all honesty, you really don’t need this palette. There are a million palettes out there with these same exact shades, and I would prefer to fork out a little more cash for something more worth it. If you are interested in it, it will cost you 5,49€ and the shade name is Metal Muse.

Metal Eyelight

These are gel eyeshadows that are supposed to be easy to blend and not-so-opaque so that you can build up the color you want. The shades are very similar to the cream eyeshadow pens that came out with last summers’ Sound of Silence collections if you ask me. And I can definitely say from experience that these are NOT buildable, they just slip and slide around on the eyes and ruin eye looks. The shades are Sun Kissed Miss and Metal TANtation, and each one will cost you 3,99€.

Metalip Color

Metallic lipsticks with a creamy texture in three of the same boring shades we’ve seen over and over again. I do like the Catrice lipstick formula, but I’m not one to wear metallic lip colors. I’m a little too old for that. Speaking of which, Daniel told me I’m too old for a fun hair color. I couldn’t believe he would say that! He’s right, but still! He’s a goof. Anyway, the shades are Nude Metal Mood, Meet Metal, and Brown Sundown. Each color will cost you 3,99€.

Sun Stripping Bronzer

I feel like I’m missing out on a trend here, but what is sun stripping? I’ve heard of strobing, but sun stripping? Someone explain in the comment section, please! It is a nice cool tone color, but I have plenty of cool tone bronzers so I’m still going to pass. The shade is called Each and Every Sun and will cost you 4,49€ if you’re interested.

Sheer Serum Bronzer

Much like the drops from the other collection, these bronzing drops can be applied on their own or mixed in with foundation to warm it up. I can only imagine these are going to be super hard to blend, just like all the other liquid bronzers that these brands come up with. The shade name is InsTANned Complexion (what does that even mean) and it will cost you 4,99€ per bottle.

Golden Lip Booster

I don’t even want to talk about this. There are so many metallic lip toppers from this brand and every other drugstore brand. Some of them can be nice, but do we really need this many? And all in gold and silver? What about some other creative colors? C’mon drugstore brands, be creative! The shade name is Golden Sun Bath and it will cost you 3,99€.

Duo Highlighter

This Is supposed to be a duo-colored highlighter, but from what I can see in the photo, it only has one? Or is that dark spot in the middle the second color? I sure hope not, I don’t know of anyone who would want to highlight their face with that ugly beige color. The name is gentle sun glow and it will cost you 4,99€.

That’s it for this collection! Hope you enjoyed it, see you on Friday! XOXO

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