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Happy Monday beauty lovers! We’ve got a new trend IT UP collection to talk about today! I don’t have much of an introduction today, my brain is still melted from the hideous heat that we’ve been experiencing over here. I can’t even seem to think straight anymore. I apologize for that, but let’s talk about makeup. Maybe that will make me feel better!

This collection will be available from the 1rst of July to the 31rst of August in every DM market, and it may also be available online at

Nail Polish

So I really don’t have any information about this, other than the fact it’s supposed to be super opaque. The formula is vegan, and you get 11 mL for 2,45€. The colors are really gorgeous if you ask me! We’ve got 010 flamingo pink, 020 mint green, 030 dusty rose and 040 lavender.

Nail Gloss

This polish has a sheer, high shine formula. So I guess it’s supposed to look like jelly or something on your nails? I don’t really get it but that’s all the information I have. The jewel tones are super gorgeous, but more suited for Autumn than Summer if you ask me. The formula is also vegan, and you get 11 mL for 2,45€. The shades are 010 dark pink, 020 teal and 030 purple.


Cream lipsticks with a shine finish in the typical colors we see from this brand. They’re the same, boring red mauve tones that we see time and time again. This formula is not vegan, and each tube contains 4,2 grams for 3,25€. The shades are 010, maroon, 020 mauve, 030 dusty rose and 040 dark red.


There’s not really a lot to say about these. They are lipglosses with a wet shine look that match the lipsticks from this collection. They are not vegan, you get 5 mL for 3,45€ and the shades are 010 dark pink, 020 pink, 030 mauve, 040 rosy pink.

Jelly Glitter Lip Balm

Okay,  these are some of the weirdest lip balms I’ve ever seen. Glittery jelly for your lips? Uh, no thanks. They are sharpenable if that makes it any better. I mean if you want a glitter lip topper this might be for you, but the jelly texture is making this a not-so-appealing product. They are vegan, and you can pick them up for 3,65€. Each balm contains 3,325 grams of product. There are two shades, 010 light pink and 020 medium pink.

Hand Elixir

So this is a hand cream formulated with shea butter and coconut oil that sinks quickly into the skin to give you extra moisture without a greasy film on top. It also smells like green tea! This formula is also vegan, and you get 50 mL for 3,95€.

Eyebrow Gloss Pen

As far as I understand the description, these are…glossy eyebrow pencils? “A soft, creamy texture is easily applied to the eyebrows and captivates with its sensations, delicate glossy finish”. I mean, that’s what you guys get from that, right? Please, someone, show me a photo of glossy eyebrows. I’m genuinely curious. Anyway, these are vegan, and you get 0,3 grams for 3,95€. There are 2 shades, light and dark brown.

Blush and Shine Trio

Here we have some cute little contour kits that contain a highlighter, bronzer, and a blush. Two different shades will match a lot of skin tones, and the powders are soft and super blendable. From experience, I would check the quality of the powders before purchasing, simply because I’ve bene burned by a no-pigment cheek palette from this brand before. I like the fact they are giving us two options for colors, but the warm palettes’ bronzer looks red to me. I almost thought it was a blush for a second. If you’re just starting out or on a budget, this could be a great product for you. Be warned about the quality though. In each palette, you get 4 grams of bronzer and 2 grams each of blush and highlighter. They are vegan, and they retail for 4,95€.

That’s all I’ve got to share today! Please remember to drink a ton of water and wear sunscreen today and every day! Take care of yourselves guys. Thanks for reading, XOXO

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